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Qatar HR Conference 2023

With the success of the first and second edition of the Qatar HR Conference, Nextfairs is excited to welcoming you in the 3rd edition of QATAR HR CONFERENCE 2023 with the theme “Excellence in Human Capital Management” to be held in 27th February 2023. The event will feature a one-day Hybrid Conference and Exhibition.The event will bring together key executives from the HR, recruitment, education, and training sectors to share key insights and invaluable business experience with other industries and businesses to help them navigate uncertainties and be more agile. There is no denial of the fact that 2020-2022 has been a turbulent time for many industries in managing their human resources. As businesses recover from the cultural and economic impact of COVID-19, they’re faced with a new set of challenges to not just survive but thrive and take new strategic initiatives towards transforming the working environment and maintaining a balance between traditional and modern approach.The Qatar 2030 vision and fast approaching FIFA World cup 2022 emphasises the need to have a stronger workforce that is not just skilled and capable but also adheres to a commitment of business ethics which indeed has a tremendous impact in translating strategies into action. The organizations must utilize their resources as effectively as possible, especially their human assets by enforcing digitisation and strategic management of human resources to balance the delivery of operational plans and building a secure working environment.

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